NEW FAVE COLLAGEN!!! NuGlow Collagen with Acai Berry Drink

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Collagen supplement are my fave when it comes to pimple breakouts. I've been taking collagen since late 2016 and it really helped to prevent pimple breakouts. In 2017, I rarely had breakouts and only have 1-2 small bumps in a month that usually dries up fast. Collagen also helped to make my skin plumper and softer even with lack of sleep. It does a big help on taking care of our skin by keeping its moisture and making it more youthful. Truly, it made helped my skin during this past years.
It was in May or June when I started to notice having huge pimple bump whenever it's the time of the month. I increased my collagen dosage but it's as if it has no effects on my skin. It was in early July when I started to try different skin care routine/products and that's when my MAJOR pimple breakouts started. August and September was the hardest months for me since more pimples are emerging and seems like my old routine isn't really helping. Taking 1 1/2 spoon of collagen a day didn't helped my troubled skin. I also consumed my collagen supplement that time and decided not to buy anymore just to rule out what really causes my breakouts. Plus no budget yet to buy another one 'cause I spent most of my money buying acne treatment products instead.

It's been more than 2 months since I last took collagen and now, there are less pimple breakouts but I still experience breakouts especially when it's the time of the month or if I'm stressed. Good thing, a few week ago, I discovered a NEW COLLAGEN supplement which is the NuGlow Collagen!!! 

NuGlow Collagen Peptide Drink is the newest collagen supplement made up of made up to 99% pure collagen content with low molecular weight, making it easily digestible and absorbable by the body. It has 5,250mg of PURE COLLAGEN PEPTIDE to help make out skin glow and youthful. Not only it is good for the skin, it also good help to strengthen the hair, teeth and nails. It also helps to relieve joint pains and improve the heart and liver. 
It has premium ingredients such as milk extract, bird’s nest extract, salmon milk extract, lingonberry extract arbutin and hydrolyzed chicken cartilage were also added for faster results.

It is deliciously flavored with acai berry, pineapple, guyabano and mango extracts.

It claims to see the effects in as little as TWO WEEKS!!! This product is made in Germany. 

INGREDIENTS: Collagen Peptide, Acai Berry Extract, Pineapple Powder, Guyabano Powder, Mango Powder, Acerola Extract, Yeast, Flavor, Hydrolyzed Chicken Sternal Cartilage, Bird's Nest Extract, Salmon Milk Extract, MIlk Extract, Selenium Yeast, Lingonberry Extract, Maltodextrin.

Weight: 13g per sachet. 1 box is good for 14 days or 2 weeks 

Price: Php1,400/box or Php100/sachet

Scent: Smells sweet like a fruit juice

Taste: Tastes sweet just like fruit juice

How to use:
Dissolve 1 scahet into 180ml of cold water. Stir. Best taken 10 minutes before meals. Take 1 sachet daily.  

Watch my video review on my Youtube Channel below:

- Tastes sweet or like a fruit juice
- Very refreshing 
- Soft and supple skin 
- Helped to dry up my pimples (less pimple breakouts) 
- Less collagen after taste
- Good booster for immune system 
- No breakouts or side effects 

- Pricey 

Verdict: Good thing I bought this one during my Baguio trip a week ago. During my 2nd day of Baguio trip, (with lack of sleep, stress and anxiety) I noticed having A LOT of pimple bumps and immediately took this drink. On my 3rd day, I noticed that the some of the bumps started to dry up and got smaller. When I came in Manila, my skin was good again. As of writing, I'm almost done with the 1 box of NuGlow and IT REALLY HELPED MY TROUBLED SKIN!!! Most of my pimples are now gone or immediately dried up. My skin is back to being plumper and softer even with lack of sleep and being so stress with a lot of work lately. Also, this is the only collagen I've tried as a drink. At first I thought that you would have to mix it with your drink. NuGlow Collagen is a delicious flavored drink with acai berry, pineapple, guyabano and mango extracts. It's just like drinking a refreshing fruit juice!! What I like about this collagen drink is that I didn't felt the collagen after taste (fish taste). Truly enjoyed drinking this! 😊

Sadly, 1 box is only good for 2 weeks of use and it's kind of pricey for a box. It's as if I FINALLY FOUND THE ONE but I have to stop it for now since I still need to save up for this!! But given the POSITIVE effects it did on my skin, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this collagen supplement to everyone! :)
By the way, I got these products for FREE only from SAMPLEROOM PH. If you want to try products but still hesitant to buy the full sized version, you can check out Sampleroom PH. Link below:
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NuGlow Collagen is also available at: Lazada, Shopee, Trustmed (Pasig and QC)

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