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by - 10/26/2018 12:00:00 PM

Before I got into blogging, many of you might not know that I was once part of the cosplay community way back 2011 - 2013. And girl, I was so fascinated with changing my hair color every now and then until I started to work in a hospital thus changing my hair into ombre one. The top of my hair was brown while the end parts were really light to almost blonde. I even remembered dyeing the end parts of my hair with red dye and going to work (in a hospital) with that hair. My hair was in a bun but still the end parts can still be seen. Some of my co-workers can't help but to tease me that I look like a rooster. haha Anyway, my hair that year was so dry, frizzy and damaged due to constant hair dyeing just because I badly want a pastel hair. During those times, colored hair dyes were really expensive. 
Gone are the days were my hair was light. I grew tired of the light hair thus sporting a black hair now for more than 2 years. Still, I can't help but to dream of having a light hair or colored hair but I completely commit to it since I'm working as a nurse in a clinic. Who would want to see a pink-colored-hair nurse right? haha 

A few weeks ago, I discovered a colored hair spray which would help me achieve my pastel hair dreams without the fear of having my hair dyed permanently!! How I wish I was able to discover this during my cosplay days or even earlier than this. 

Cospray is a washable hair color spray that is safe for every hair and skin. It is non-toxic, dermatological tested and even safe for kids! They've been in the market since 2011. (Why I didn't know these during those times?!) 
They have it in 7 vibrant colors! Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Green, Violet & Pink. 

The packaging comes in a colored aerosol spray. Each can is 75ml and priced for Php 209 only!
The scent smells like a freshly cut grass. 

How to use:
Application can be a bit tricky. First, you must wear a dark shirt to avoid staining your clothes. You may or may not wear gloves when applying. Though I opted to use gloves just to be sure. Better to use a paper to hold you hair in place when you apply the dye/hair spray. Give some distance when spraying. It may make your hair a bit dry since this a hair spray so you must brush your hair first before application.
  Watch the video review on my Youtube channel below:

I like that with these hair spray, I can easily change my look by just spraying different hair colors without the fear of damaging my hair. Working as a nurse, vibrant hair color are a no-no but with the Cospray, I can now change my hair color during my rest days. No fear since I can easily go back to having black hair since these dyes are washable. What I also LOVE about this is that it works well even with my dark hair color. I also tried this with my pink wig and I love how it blends well with it. Again, it is washable so I can mix and match any colors I desire. 

Halloween is coming up and I know some of you maybe thinking of dyeing your hair or buying wigs that you will only use for a small amount of time. Cospray is a better option not only it is much more affordable than buying colored hair dyes or buying wigs but because it is more cost efficient plus it is washable! Since they have 7 vibrant colors to choose from, you have an option to mix and match the colors for your liking. Isn't that great? Not only you can use this during Halloween but also even during casual days. Colored hair or ombre hair is a normal thing now so why not experiment and change your look for fun? 

What do you think about my look? Isn't pretty? Want to try these too? You can check out Cospray links below for more info:
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Available at: Toys R Us, Toy Kingdom, Lazada and Shopee

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