Brighten Up Your Skin with Keep Cool Shine Fixence™ Mist Review

by - 10/24/2018 12:00:00 PM

As you all know, I did experienced massive breakouts a few month ago; treating my skin with different anti-acne products. These products help to dry most of my pimples thought it also made some parts of my skin dull and dry. These dry parts can be seen when I wear makeup and it's really bothering me. Needed a solution to this current problem, I got a chance to try out a product which is new to me. 

Say hello to Keep Cool Shine Fixence™ Mist which helps to make your skin and make up brighter. After hours of wearing makeup, at times, our skin becomes a little dull and makeup is cakey. This mist helps our retouch time by fixing and making our skin brighter and alive. It boosts energy to our skin without getting lumpy. 
Main Ingredients:
Vitamin Complex
Moringa seed oil

Packaging: It comes in this cute mini pink spray bottle. 

Scent: Fruity scent 


Weight: 60ml 
How to use:
1. Shake it gently, close eyes and spray the mist at a distance of 20-30cm from face.
2. When you use it before putting on makeup, it refines your skin texture and moisturizes the skin.
3. When you use it after putting on makeup, it perfectly fixes your makeup and present radiance on your face. 

- Makes my skin hydrated and fresh after hours of makeup
- Very moisturizing
- Can be used under makeup
- Helps to make the makeup less cakey
- Brightens the skin 
- Recommended for dry skin 

- Makes my skin a little oily after use so I make sure to only use 1-2 sprays for retouch 

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