Real Surf PH - The Second Time Around

by - 8/03/2016 12:00:00 PM

As I mentioned on my previous beach experience here (, I've never set foot on any beach until I get to visit one last June in Real Surf PH in Real, Quezon. So just a few weeks ago, we went back again at Real Surf PH for a quick beach getaway from the city. 

Travel was still about 4 hours coming from Manila. This time, we rode a private van going to the place since we were now 5 on the group. 

Real Surf PH is located at Bgy. Malapad in Real, Quezon and went there on a Monday afternoon. 
Same as last time, the owners and staffs were very welcoming and accommodating to us. We chose to rent the 2nd cabana since the 1st cabana where we first stayed was already reserved. 

Btw, the cabanas has the perfect view of the beach and the sky. 

The accommodation and rates are now a bit different since it's already the rainy season. The last time we went there, we were still under their summer rates. Here's the updated accommodation & rates I got from their Facebook page: 

Real Surf gives a nice chill vibes through the surfing designs of the place. The lounge with the "Real Surf" logo is also a main attraction since it is really the best place to hang out and enjoy the view. 

Anyway, arrived at around 3PM and weather's a bit hot and humid. Being a very "maarte" girl, I waited for a bit for the sun to finally go down before I hit the beach. At around 4:30PM, finally took my umbrella and camera and came near the shore. And look! What a really nice view of the place. 
Finally took looooads of photos this time and got a chance to take a dip on the sea for longer time. 

Honestly, I dunno how to swim so I was just standing all the time while feeling the sea water around me. Haha 

Came night time and had an early dinner with friends. No worries with food because there is a grill area on the place. Just bring your "uling" and other utensils. 

During the night time, I noticed that there was a film viewing on the lounge. Haven't got any sleep that time so I didn't pay much attention to the film. Instead, I drank 1 bottle of San Mig Apple and slept early. Yes, I actually slept at around 9PM. 

Oh btw, there are NO SIGNAL on the place especially with Globe network. So that's a nice break from phone, internet and social media. 

*Remembered my story with having a difficulty with sleeping the last time we went here. Mind you that the cabana includes a foam, mosquito net, fans, hammock, beach chair and a table. No pillows nor blankets. And I wasn't prepared the last time. This time, I was able to bring a small pillow and a blanket and I'm good. And I had the best 7-hour good night sleep on the beach. Haha Btw, the guys slept on the lounge since it was more windy and spacious at that area. 

Woke up at around 5am since my natural alarm clock, which was my hunger, wokes me up. Haha The sunset was so beautiful :) 

Again, I took a walk on the shore and just enjoyed the view. Finally, had a good breakfast at around 8am. 
And nothing to do much after that. The sun was already up that time and it was starting to get hot. 

Btw, I wont be sharing much photos or info about the place since I already shared all of that one my 1st beach post here. 

Afraid to get tan, (yes, I'm maarte and I know it haha) my friend and I decided to chill at the lounge while waiting for the time. 

Just took some selfies, did some vlogging, took selfies again until we left the place at around 1pm. 

Next stop, we went to see Nonok Falls, just 1-2 mins drive from Real Surf. Entrance for 6 (now were 6 in the group, don't ask me why haha) was for Php140. It took us 2 minutes to be able to get to Nonok Falls. 

Nonok Falls is just a 1 tier falls, much smaller than Balagbag Falls (also located in Real Quezon). What I like about this falls is that this falls is much sheltered because of the trees.
Wasn't able to swim or take a dip since after I took some photos with the falls, I finally remembered something. Was looking for my sunnies and now it's gone. I remembered putting it on my top before we crossed the river. Experienced a little slip and that's when I remembered, I must have dropped it in there. Good thing, a few minutes after we arrived at Nonok Falls, we left. Went back to the same spot where I think I dropped my sunnies. And.. yes! It was still under the rocks with the running waters of river. Good thing, the current wasn't that strong or maybe it'll wash away my precious sunnies. haha I rarely use sunnies so I really value this one alot. 

Already left Real, Quezon going to Manila at about 2pm. Arrived in Manila at 6PM. 

Sharing the video/vlog I made for this trip: Real Surf PH - The Second Time Around on my Youtube channel below. 

Travelling to Real Surf PH or Real, Quezon the 2nd time around is way better than my first time. I was able to enjoy the place better and was able to explore some parts of the beach. Had a good 7-hour sleep which is the best and even took loooooads of photos this time. And yes, I finally enjoyed my stay here the second time around :) If ever you want a place to just chill and relax even for a day, this place is totally recommended :) 
Do hope to visit more beaches this year so still.. let's hope for the best :)

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