FOODTRIP(117): Ta Ke Ho Me - Lilac Marikina

by - 8/28/2016 12:00:00 PM

Say hello to another sushi stand along Lilac St., the Ta Ke Ho Me Sushi Stand. Been seeing their Facebook page on my feeds and can't help but to visit this place a few days ago.

Ta Ke Ho Me Sushi stands is located along Lilac St, specifically infront of Puregold supermarket. They serve different kind of sushi, rice balls, sushirito and sashimi at a very AFFORDABLE price. 

Menu/Prices are already written on their counter area. 

Place is a bit small, with few chair and tables. 
Dining in is good since they have aircon inside but because it's really a take home-sushi-bar, we opted to just take out our orders instead. Anyway, after maybe 10 minutes, our sushi box was given to us. 

Here's what we ordered: 
24 pcs Sushi box for Php299 which consists of: 

8 California Maki 
- It was good but the mango included was so little that we barely taste it. 

8 Migori 
- I believe it claims to have a salmon but honestly, wasn't able to really taste it. 

- I think this one was the best among 3 sushi since it I like the taste of the rice, nori, cream cheese/mayo? and bonito flakes. 

- The rice with all 3 sushi was very empowering that I can't really appreciate the taste of each sushi. 
- The soy sauce was just okay too. 
- I think they should add more flavor or seasoning for the rice as I rice really tastes like the normal rice we eat everyday. I was looking for a different or sushi taste with the rice. 

Overall, all of us (we were 3) decided that Ta Ke Ho Me sushi stand is good but just lacks more flavor, specially that the taste of the rice is very empowering. For the value of money, yes it is very affordable. I hope they'll improve on the taste a bit and can't wait to get back here to try their other sushi flavors. 

Ta Ke Ho Me Sushi Stand 
Located at: Lilac St., Concepcion Dos Marikina City (across Puregold) 
Opens at: 11AM-9PM 

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