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image I am Nicole Faller currently residing in Manila Philippines.

image I blog about my FOODtrips, BEAUTY stuffs as well as my random LIFE experiences.

image I've been using my tumblr blog site since 2011 before moving here at blogger late 2015. My tumblr site is still live but will no longer post/use it as this (http://pinkislovebynix.blogspot.com) will be my main blog site from now on (2016).

image I started blogging in 2005, starting the blog in Friendster. After a while, moved to Live Journal. By 2006, I started to blog in Xanga for almost 4 years, mostly my college years. Then in 2010, I started blogging in Tumblr, mostly reblogged posts only. Finallly in 2011, I started blogging personal posts again in Tumblr.

Here’s my posts about how I started blogging:

image I love cosplaying, photoshoots, makeups, pink, floral, movies and foods.

image I started cosplaying in late 2010 until 2011. I was on hiatus for awhile then came back in 2013. Currently hiatus again for 2014. I just do fashion photo shoots when I have time.

Here’s a posts about how I got into the cosplay community: 

image Blogged about my Ideal Man: 

image And here’s something random about me


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