REVIEW(S): Richenna Ash Brown

by - 12/13/2014 04:49:00 PM

Last week, I retouched my roots using a hair dye I bought from Hortaleza (Light Intense Golden Blonde) which I used to dye my hair 2-3 months ago. I wasn’t satisfied with the outcome since it made my hair more brassy/orange color. And I was really bothered that it was so vibrant and it doesn’t look good as a nurse (I’m currently working as a Company Nurse, and as a nurse I’m aware that vibrant color hairs are not allowed/it doesn’t make you look professional).
Good thing, I still have a spare dye which is the Richenna Bubble Dye in Ash Brown (Php350) which I bought months ago at Watson’s.

How to:

After 30 minutes of leaving the bubble dye: 
Verdict:  I hate it! I was hoping for a dark tone or even a toned down hair color but it’s just almost the same. Though it was a bit darker on the middle part of my hair. But the orange tone/brassy hair is still there. Even made my hair dry! 

The foam wasn’t that foamy enough but still easy to apply at first. (I like how foamy Prettia Bubble Dye is, because its consistency was just like a shampoo suds and can be easily spread to other parts of your hair not unlike Richenna.) Richenna has a foam but when applied its consistency loosen easily. So I had a hard time distributing it to other parts of my hair.

The smell was nice at first but afterwards it smells like plastic? And one box wasn’t enough for my hair. (I wasn’t even able to put the dye on the half ends of my hair). 

Will I buy it again on the future? BIG NO. I already used 2 bubble dyes before. Prettia and Palty then this. I say that, Prettia is still the best one for me. 

Will also buy another hair dye next week. Might go for darker tone this time. I really wanna get rid of the orange tone/brassy tone on my hair.

How about you? What do you think is the best bubble dye in the market? 

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