How I Got My Parcel from Marikina Post Office, Fast & Easy

by - 4/19/2016 05:35:00 PM

I wasn't really planning on sharing my first time experience with claiming a package from the post office since I heard negative and positive feed backs from those who have claimed their parcel before. I also heard that sometimes, they even paid more than what they purchased just to claim the package. And also, been tracking my package since day 1 and I was expecting for a notice to be sent to me but there wasn't.

I ordered a Samsung NX Mini 9-27mm Pink Leather Case at Aliexpress last March (first week of March). It was my first time purchasing from abroad, specifically in China so I'm not that familiar with international shipping procedures. The process of payment and shipping to the Philippines from China took around 1-2 weeks. The last time I checked was on March 22, indicated that the package was already dispatch at the delivery site in Marikina. 

I was actually waiting for the "notice" to be sent to our house but still, after 2 weeks, there was none. So on April 5, I decided to follow up my parcel at the main Postal Office. The Philippine Post Office hotline is so hard to reach!! Been calling them all morning but was only able to contact them around 2pm. Gladly, the lady that I spoke with was very patient and assisted me well with my concerns. She told me that my package can already be claimed at Marikina Post Office. Just to make sure, I called the Marikina Post Office just to verify if my package is already there. I spoke with Ms. Ludy who was also very kind and took the efforts to check my parcel. After 10-15 mins, she called me back and told me that my parcel is already there. I was also told that I must bring my ID to be able to claim the package. 

Last April 6, I went to the Marikina Post office to claim my parcel. It was my first going to that place so I was a bit confused as to where to start. Until I approached one of the staff and told her that I came to claim a parcel. She told me to go at the back door near the parking area. From there, there was a small room/office with lots of packages inside. I was asked for the tracking number or info about the parcel and I gave them a piece of paper which I wrote all the details given to me by the main Post Office staff. 

After that, he wrote something on the "notice" paper indicating the price. I paid P112 at the cashier and went back at the office. 

Then he asked for my signature on the receipt and another on their log book. Then claimed my very small box. The "Kuya" was even joking me that my package was very big. Haha 

Here's the very small box that I claimed at Marikina Post Office: 

I was wowed that the price indicated was 5USD which in fact is the real price of the package is $10 (around Php500+). Yay! 
(Better ask the seller or note to them to lower the indicated price). 

My item was sealed well in the box. There was no damage or whatsoever. They really did a good job in shipping my package from China to the Philippines. 

Here is the Samsung NX Mini 9-27mm Pink Leather case I purchased. 

It actually took me 1 month to claim my package but it's okay since it's worth the wait (compared to buying it here. 

Weeks after purchasing this at Aliexpress, saw that finally, some local online site was already selling this in the Philippines for Php900+.!!!. Wouldn't really purchase a camera leather for that expensive price!!). So I must say that buying the leather case is much cheaper in Aliexpress and it is really a legit online shop :) Btw, a few days after I claimed my package from Marikina Postal Office, the "notice" was sent to our house. I wasn't able to take a photo of the that since I misplaced it. :( 

Thanks for reading this. I hope you did find my experience helpful in claiming your parcels in Postal Office in Marikina. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to pm me. Thank you again :)

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  1. I have an experienced before when I bought items from Ebay. The items are much way cheaper than the payment I paid on the Post Office! Hindi na naulit! Ha Ha Ha!

  2. This I knew that delivery charges depend on the weight and distance to be covered. But seen the exact indications here now. Heard a lot about same day delivery Dallas too and best part are their exact timings. Will hire them to send my mom's gift and flowers on her birthday next week. Hoping to get positive response.