REVIEW(S): Clareal Lotion

by - 4/22/2016 12:00:00 PM

Today, I’ll be sharing with you a short review about one of the hair care products I recently discovered. 

Clareal Repair Lotion is a professional moistening repair lotion that is perfect for hair smoothening and hair repair. 
Product info here: 


Volume: 260ml

Price: Php150 

Bought at: Pretty Angel Shoppe physical store in Katipunan 

Scent: Smells like a shampoo/leave on for me 

Consistency: Water type

How To Use:
Verdict: Though I’ve read lots of positive feed backs about this product, honestly I’m still 50-50 about this product. The lotion was okay, it made my hair manageable but not for long. 
It is also not advisable to use during humid/hot weather since it has a tends to be sticky. I’m also very unsure about the smell since it smells like a shampoo with water or if you can still remember the smell of the Sunsilk leave on. 

Will I recommend it? 50-50. Though we all have different hair conditions and preferences so it depends on every person :))

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