Catching Up with Joyce

by - 1/07/2016 02:35:00 AM

Last December 31, 2015 (Thursday), I and Joyce finally had a chance to meet again after planning this for months. We always see each other once/twice a month before but due to our different and busy schedules; we find it hard to squeeze in a meet up these past few months. Originally, I was planning to do something on my off that day but since this is the only chance we had to meet, I go for it.

We met at Bayan in Marikina and supposedly we were planning for a food trip. But since most of the restaurant and food spot are closed, we just went at Infinitea Blue Wave Marquinton. It’s been 3-4 months since I last saw Joyce so we really had lots of stories to tell that time.

After a few chats, we also went at Tiangge Ilog as we ritually go there every year. It’s really fun to stroll along the tiangge especially as there are only few people around.

Anyway, I made a video (1st semi vlog) about that day. It’s my time speaking in front a camera and uploading it on public so please forgive my awkwardness and haggardness. Haha 
I was actually hesitant to do this since there’s really not much to share but I really want to explore vlogging or editing videos since then. And since this is my page, my blog and my YouTube site, I decided to go for it even though I know that no one really reads or even watch my videos. Haha But hopefully, I can do more videos like this next time. :)
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