FOODTRIP (19): Trick's Resto Lilac Marikina

by - 1/14/2015 09:57:00 PM

Was looking for a new food stop at Lilac Street in SSS Village Marikina when we found this newly opened Korean and Thai restaurant named Trick’s Resto.
Did a research on their menu and prices online but wasn’t able to look for one. The photos outside the resto was very appealing to me so we tried it.

The restaurant had a big black gate which I guess the owners house before it was made to be a resto. They had 2 doors that had an “Open” sign on it so I asked the staff which door should we enter. He said that
 the left door was for Korean food customers while the right door was for Thai food customers. Why is that?

We chose the left door as we wanted to try their Korean foods. Upon entering, we saw a grill in the middle of the table which is used to cook or grill the meat for Korean foods they serve.
We went around 3pm so there was no customers except us. Yay! Had a hard time choosing what to order since there were really a lot to choose from.

Btw, here’s their menu:

(Korean menu)
~ I wasn’t really able to take a picture of all their menu haha 

(Thai Menu)

Then the staff recommended us to order their
 Shabu Shabu (good for 2-3 persons but I think it’s enough for 2 persons only).
They gave us a pan filled with soup only and the ingredients for the shabu shabu. And they also served us some appetizers. 
Their shabu shabu was really tasty!  Though I think the serving was only enough for 2 persons.

While eating, we watched Korean videos as it was played on their television. By the way, staffs were really nice!

Afterwards, we tried this Korean popsicles which I don’t know the name. We got a Watermelon popsicle which was very yummy! And a chocolate like popsicle. 

It’s really yum yum here! Wanted to try other dishes but was already full. Might come back here again soon! 
Trick’s Resto
33 D, Lilac St. SSS Village Marikina City
0932 881 5164, 0910 656 2450
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