NEW Makeup from Silkygirl Cosmetics (2020) - Pressed Powder, Eye Liner, Brow Liner, Eye Palette and Perfumes

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Back with another makeup review with the Silkygirl Cosmetics.I I've already tried most of their products last 2017 (HERE) and 2018 (HERE) (HERE). I'm highly impressed with their make up and glad to try their Pure Fresh Oil-Control Pressed Powder, Pure Smooth Pressed Powder, Perfect Brow Liner & Powder, Expert Brow & Nose Shadow, Hi-Definition Brow Liner, Natural Brow Pencil, Truly Nude Eye Shadow Palette, Perfect Stay 20HR Eyeliner and their Eau De Toilette. This maybe a long blog post so let's get started. 

Silkygirl is a cosmetic brand from Malaysia that offers wide variety of beauty and makeup products. I heard that they are a famous brand in Malaysia and glad that they brought it here in the Philippines. Their products are Asian formulated. I've already tried their new makeup products and I personally think that their cosmetic line are really good but underrated. Today, I'll be sharing with you how I was so impressed with this brand. 

Pure Fresh Oil-Control Pressed Powder
Product Description: Moisturizes the skin, conceals the appearance of pores for soft and smooth skin. It contains Desert Rose-Shaped Oil-Absorbent and Silica (to keep skin skin-free) and Manuka Honey and Cogon Grass (anti-oxidants). It has SPF 45/PA+++ and has 12 hr oil-control formula. 
Shades: 01 Fair, 02 Natural, 03 Rose Beige
Weight: 9g 
Price: Php 169 
My Thoughts: I've already tried some of the Silkygirl powders and it didn't failed me so I have a high expectations for this one. I like that it has a very cute packaging: bluish green compact powder with a mirror inside. It comes in a mini sponge although I prefer using a powder brush when using this. It easily absorbs the oiliness on the skin which is perfect for oily skin types. It has a matte finish but still looks and feels natural and lasts all day. I noticed that it also helps to minimize the pores and hides redness on the skin. It has a light to medium coverage. 

Pure Smooth Pressed Powder 
Product Description: Helps to absorb excess oil and eliminates shine without drying the skin. It conceals fine lines for that flawless look. Has matte finish. Also has SPF 20. 
Shades01 Ivory, 02 Natural, 03 Rose Beige
Weight: 10g
Price: Php149 
My Thoughts: Has a natural finish with light coverage. This is perfect powder for everyday use as it is lightweight and doesn't clogs the pores. It keeps the skin fresh looking all day. I have an oily skin and this powder didn't caused any oiliness throughout the day. I like that it also contains SPF which protects the skin from the harmful UV rays. 

Perfect Brow Liner & Powder
Product Description: A dual-ended retractable brow pencil with a pencil tip shape and powdered tip to fill-in brows. The pencil tip has a creamy formula which enables to easily glide on the brows. Can be used for the perfect 3D brows, fuller and more defined brows. 
My Thoughts: It comes in 2 shades which are perfect for Asian tone. It pencil tip is very easy to use and glides well on the brows. You can use the pencil tip alone or add the powder tip to add or fill in the brows for the fuller look. It is long lasting (8-10 hours of use) and doesn't smudge. 

Expert Brow & Nose Shadow 
Product Description: Dual-shade powder palette kit that adds dimension to your brows and nose. 
Shades: 01 Dark Brown
Weight: 3.6g  
Price: Php199
My Thoughts: It is highly pigmented can easily be used on the brows. I brush gives that precise application and can control you application. Can be used for a natural eyebrows or fuller ones. Since it has 2 shades, you can easily mix and match each shades depending on your liking. For the nose contour, the darker can used by fair to medium skin tone. You can use a brush or you finger itself to apply it to your nose. Although be careful in applying since it is highly pigmented (to avoid over applying or have a hard time blending it). I like that the packaging is small so that I can easily bring this around.  

Instaglam Brow Cream
Product Description: Is a dual-ended brow liner with a cream formula on one end and ang angled brush tip on the other. Highly pigmented and has a smooth creamy texture that adheres well on to the skin. It has a natural velvety finish. The angled brush tip guarantees precise application for that perfect defined brow. 
Shades: 01 Natural Brown and 02 Dark Brown 
Weight: 1.5g 
My Thoughts:  I got curious when I first saw this and this is actually my FAVE among all the liners of Silkygirl. It has a brush tip on the other side and the cream on the other. It is truly highly pigmented and has creamy texture that glides well on the brows. I like that the brush helps for that more precise brow line. I like that it comes in this kind of pen packaging as it is more convenient to bring this around. 

Natural Brow Pencil 
Product Description: For that freshly groomed natural brows. Smooth application and natural look. 
Price: Php129 
My Thoughts: Can be used as a beginner brow pencil. The pencil is highly pigmented so you can use just a few strokes for that natural look. You can add a eyebrow mascara for a more lasting brows. 

Perfect Stay 20HR Eyeliner
Product Description: High coverage, has creamy formula that easily glides onto eyelids. Retractable and comes with a build-in-sharpener. It is long wearing that can lasts up to 20 hours. Waterproof and smudge proof. 
Shades: 01 Blackest Black, 02 Dark Brown 
Price: Php 119 
My Thoughts: Highly pigmented and creamy that easily glides on the lids. I like that it has a brown shade which I can use for that soft everyday look. I also like the black one which I can use for a stronger eye makeup. Just be careful when retracting the eyeliner as it easily breaks. 

Truly Nude Eye Shadow Palette 
Product Description: It has 6 shades per palette that adheres to the eyelids easily. It has a soft and smooth texture that easily glides onto the lids. These different shades can be used for day to night look. Long wearing and long lasting. 
Shades: 01 Earthy, 02 Blossom, 03 Sandy
Weight: 6g 
Price: Php395 
My Thoughts: The 3 palettes has a wide range of shades that can used from day to night. You can easily mix and match each shades for your liking. All shades easily adheres to the lids although you must use a good primer so that this makeup will last all day. But it's a nice selection if you want a natural every day look. This a good starting palette for beginners.  

I'M Matte Lip Color 
Product Description: A lightweight matte lipstick that delivers silk-like satin finish with full coverage. Highly pigmented. It has a rich color pay off that adheres to the lips easily. Each lipstick casing comes with an empowering statement. 

Comes in 10 shades (01 Savy, 02 Pretty, 03 Sunny, 04 Foxy, 05 Earthy, 06 Racy, 07 Witty, 08 Spunky, 09 Fiery, 10 Edgy )
My Thoughts: It comes in the usual bullet type of lipstick in black glossy casing. It comes in 10 different vibrant shades that are suited for Asian tone. It is highly pigmented and wearable for everyday. It comes in red, brown and peachy shades. It is more off a satin finish but you can dab a tissue on your lips for matte finish. It is not long lasting as it can easily transfer but I don't mind reapplying the lipstick every now and then. 

Eau De Toilette 


SG Fantasia Forever PHP375

SG Cool PHP250

Sugar Eau de Toilette PHP250
Sugar Eau de Toilette’s sugary sweet scent burst open with a swirl of fresh green top note. The unison of aromatic jasmine, rose and water lily in the middle note will bring cheer to your face. Its musky and ambery base note will add that twinkle in your eyes. Perfect for the sweet, fun-loving girl that everyone loves to hang out with.

Egyptian Lily Eau De Toilette PHP375
The Egyptian Lily EDT is a mystery in a bottle; the sensuous color of the flower juxtaposed with it magical symbolism reflects the breathtaking and historical country of Egypt. For the alluring girl who wants to be noticed for her uniqueness and beauty. With fruity top notes of bergamot, grapefruit and berries; floral middle notes of muguet, peony and freesia; ans sensuous bottom notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and musk.

French Sunflower Eau De Toilette PHP375
Imagine frolicking in a vast field of sunflowers in France! The French Sunflower EDT radiates joy to warm your heart. Created for the girl who walks with a little skip in her step and twinkle in her eyes, always on a mission to put a smile on everyone’s faces. With fruity top notes of grapefuit, cassis and apricot; floral middlenotes of rose, muguet and jasmine; followed by the sensuous bottomnotes of musk, amber and vanilla.

My Thoughts: The SG EDT for men smells fresh that can be used for day to night. While the Sugar EDT reminds me of my teenage years which is sweet and fresh. The Egyptian Lily and Fresh Sunflower are my kind of scent as it smells bold and matured but still fresh smelling. All perfumes lasts for a long a time. 

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