FOODTRIP(147): Giovanni's Bar Ristorante

by - 7/31/2017 12:00:00 PM

Looking for a good place to eat in Cubao, we came across the new Manhattan building outside Gateway. We stumble across Giovanni’s Bar Ristorante which offers Italian dishes and pizza.
Place is simple, clean and has lots of tables and chairs to accommodate and a small 2nd floor for more customers. We are greeted by their staff upon entering the restaurant.

Menu was handed to us upon seating and honestly, they offer lots of dishes on their menu making it hard for me to decide on what to order.  After maybe 10-15 minutes, here’s what we ordered:

Lasagna (Php280)
-          The lasagna was huge given the price. Creamy, cheesy and tasty. Though I felt “umay” half way already. I suggest that they should include toasted bread on their dish as well as they should also improve on the presentation to look more appetizing. They lasagna served looked so simple for me.

Strozzapreti Giovanni (Php350)
“Strozzapreti pasta with seafood in eggs and cheese based sauce”
-          I like that this one’s tastier than it seems and one can really taste the clams included. I don’t know what cheese they used for this but I was looking for more cheese flavor. The hand-rolled strozzapreti pasta was thick, cooked well and made us full.
We didn’t order the pizza since we were already full from these 2 dishes. According to the staff who attended us, each dish is good for 2 persons but still depends. Overall, we had a good time dining here though the ambiance seems gloomy (maybe because we were the only customer around and only saw 2 staffs despite that the place was big). Would like to come back here again sometime J
Giovanni's Bar Ristorante Cubao
Located at: Manhattan Parkview, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City
Opens at: 10AM – 11 PM; Mon – Sun
Phone number: 02 3321012
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