Real Coast and Surf 2017

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Last June 20-21, 2017, we went back at Real Coast & Surf (formerly Real Surf PH) for quick dip on the beach. It’s already my 3rd time here since I first went here last June & July 2016 which I blogged here and here. It’s a 3-4-hour drive from Manila and it’s the one of nearest beach and surfing spot.

Before going to the beach, we drop by at the Market first to buy things we needed as well as there are affordable sea foods sold in the market.

Real Coast and Surf is located at Barangay Malapad in Real, Quezon province. Went there on a Tuesday morning and so glad that we we’re the only guests on the place. Though this time, their lounge or common area was still on renovation so we didn’t get that chance to hang out there.

Worried about your security? There’s a security guard on the place and with CCTV camera. By the way, the staffs were friendly and very accommodating to us, as always J

Since we we’re 8 in the group, it’s our first time renting the big cabanas on the left side. Last year, we rented the small cabana good for 4-6 persons. I liked our cabana this time since it is bigger and spacious. This time all the cabanas includes 2 cushion beds unlike last year that they only have 1 cushion per cabana. The cabana rental also included an electric fan, hammock, beach chair, small table and 1 table outside. You can pitch a tent here for free. Though I was also expecting that they have more outlets for charging but still they only have 2 outlets despite that it was a bigger cabana.
Our cabana located the back part. 

It’s already the rainy season and off-peak rates are now applicable if you want to stay at Real Coast & Surf. You can check out their rates on this LINK.

We arrived there at around 11am and since it was the peak of the sun, we decided to rest until the sun’s starts to go down. Even though it’s already the rainy season, the weather in Real is still hot and humid that’s why it was only at 5pm when I started to go to the beach.

And yes! I finally had a chance to swim on the beach until 6pm I guess. The security guard had to ask us to not to go further as it was getting dark. But the sea was so tempting! We just decided to chill out near the beach until it was night time.
At night, we ate our dinner and chill at the beach. And went for a STARGAZING!!! There were lots of stars their compared in Manila. It was such a nice and relaxing experience to just look at the sky and stars.

Btw, there’s NO SIGNAL at the place so save your batteries and just experience the nature. My service provider is Globe though I’m not sure with other networks.

And again, as a part of titas-of-manila, I went to bed at around 9 or 10pm and slept soundly until I woke up at 6am. By the way, if you’ve read my previous blogs about Real Surf, I did mention that on my first time here I had a difficulty sleeping since I wasn’t prepared. No blankets, no pillow and I was so cold. Came here the 2nd time and brought a pillow and blanket and had the best 8-hour sleep by the beach. If you’re a sensitive sleeper like me, I suggest that you bring a pillow and blanket with you if you go here.

And I woke up at 6am. Didn’t get the chance to see the sunrise since I’m too sleepy to catch the it. I’ve seen the sunrise here twice so I rather sleep.
View in the morning. 

Didn’t had a chance to swim again since the sun was already up at 7am.I just took photos of the place and roam around the area. And I had nothing to do until 12pm.
We check out at 12pm and glad that we only paid for the cabana with no entrance fee since the place is under renovation. Arrived in Manila at around 5pm. (Blame the traffic in Manila).

By the way, I do apologize for the almost-the-same-outfit-in-my-Puerto-Galera-experience since I wasn’t really prepared for this trip. And didn’t vlogged since I already vlogged here twice. I only took some clips for memory purposes.
Still, Real Coast and Surf is a great place if you want a quick dip on the beach and recommended for everyone. J
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