FOODTRIP (21) : Ersao Lilac

by - 3/05/2015 05:57:00 PM

Went back again at Ersao in Lilac Marikina for a dinner. I already tried here last year but wasn’t able to blog about it.
The place was really nice and I think they have changed the arrangements of the tables and chairs since the last time we went here (around August/September 2014).

I think the place is enough to accommodate 15-20 people inside. Place is really nice and clean. 

Wasn’t able to take a picture of their menu but here’s their menu I got online:


Here’s what we ordered:

Ersao Noodles but I already forgot the name T.T
Plus Spicy Squid at the side.
> Honestly, I didn’t liked the noodles that much since I also dunno what condiments I must need to add to make it tasty enough for me. T.T
> Though, Spicy Squid is really tasty for me! :)

If I’m not mistaken, this is Hong Ma. It doesn’t look as yummy in the picture below but this is really yummy one for me. I’m not quite sure if this is a pork but the meat was really soft inside! It was really tasty and so yummy!

Curry Cream Dory Rice Meal - I really thought this was creamy with white cream. Honestly, didn’t liked the curry cream that much. Though the dory was quite tasty. :)
Overall, I think Ersao is really serves a lot of delish Chinese foods. There’s still a lot for me to try. Might come back here again sometime :) 

Ersao Marikina
Located at: 36 Lilac Street Hacienda Heights Marikina City
Phone Num: +02 2499069
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