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Washing your hair with a shampoo everyday sheds off the natural grease on your hair thus making it produce more oil. Not only that, I also noticed that it also makes my hair dry and frizzy. As much as possible, I “try” not to wash my hair on a daily basis as I already have a dry and frizzy hair. (**During my rest days, I don’t usually wash my hair for 2 days haha).

Recently, I discovered a product called Dry Shampoo that helped me skip washing my hair and prevent damage by everyday shampoo. Today, I’ll be sharing with you another hair care discovery that helps me to avoid shampooing my hair but still keeps me fresh.
Say hello to this kawaii Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo which I’ve been eyeing since I first seen it last year (2016).

Product Info:
Cleanses and refreshes your hair
Rebuilds volume
Absorbs excess oil
Leaves no chalky residue
Gets rid of static and odor
Protects hair color
Saves you time 
Fits your need for beauty “on-the-go”
Revives all hair types and colours

Packaging: Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo comes in this kawaii-pink-eye-catching aersoal can. The comics written on the spray is so cute!! Hands down to their most creative-dry-shampoo-packaging.

Weight: 100ml

Price: Php200ml/can @hairfairyph

Scent: Fruity and floral scent. Scent lingers all day! :)

How To Use:

1. Shake well before use and between sprays. Hold can 10-15 cm from hair.
2. Lift hair sections and spray at the roots in short, quick bursts.
3. Massage through with fingertips, like you would use a shampoo.
4. Brush and then style as usual. Repeat application if necessary.


- Again, I can’t justify how EFFECTIVE this product works just by the photos I’ll be sharing with you my experience when I used this.
- I first used this during work wherein I had no time to wash my hair due to lack of time (nagmamadali nako pumasok girl! Haha). During that time, I remembered last washing my hair on a Saturday morning and worked for a 16-hour shift. Went home at night then had to get up again on an early morning. Getting more sleep was my priority so I had zero time to wash my hair in the morning. So Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo came to the rescue as I brought it to my work. Used it for the first time and was IMPRESSED!!
- The dry shampoo aerosal spray was very easy to use and my hair felt FRESH JUST AFTER 2-3 sprays.
- The scent was so MABANGO!!! It smells so fruity and floral and reminds me of my perfumes. Scent lingers the whole day. 
- I bring this if I have a 16-hour/2 shifts in a day of work. Usually, I spray this on my hair during the 2nd shift.
- This product saves me more time instead of shampooing my hair haha.

Watch my video review on my Youtube Channel below:

- My hair feels fresh after use
- Super mabango!!
- Super cute packaging
- Handy
- Convenient - saves time and money
- Sturdy packaging
- Affordable

- Available online or selected physical stores

Verdict: Hands down to the Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo as it really EFFECTIVE and absorbs the grease on my hair. My hair also felt FRESH and I love the scent that lingers for the whole day. Also, the packaging is winner since it really made the product stand out from the rest. Handy, convenient and affordable. Totally recommended for everyone! :)

Interested? Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo is available at:
Instagram: @hairfairyph

Thanks again Hair Fairy team! 😊

How about you? Have you tried this one? Or any recommendations you like to share? Pls don't hesitate to leave your comments down below. Hope to hear from you. :) Thanks for reading :)

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  1. I'm scared to try new shampoo stuff actually kasi nagkaka-dandruff ako sa iba. Mukhang ang cute nito though haha :) I just subbed to your channel nga pala hihi. Gosh! I can't keep up with blog + vlog LOL!

    ♥ Chai Chen ♥ @chenmeicai

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