Smart Selfie - Level Up Your Selfie Game

by - 3/17/2017 12:00:00 PM

Say goodbye to your usual Selfie Stick and say hello to this Smart Selfie device, the newest selfie technology which level ups your photos and videos.
Believe me when I say that you would really think twice on using your selfie stick when you get your hands on this super cute selfie device. This Smart Selfie device easily connects to your phone via blue tooth and detects your face for that HANDS FREE selfie or even video taking. It really levels up your selfie game as you wouldn’t need to hold anything just to take a photo or a video. The fun part? It actually rotates and follows your face!! (Yeeeees! Napa “SHUT-UP-AND-TAKE-MY-MONEY” ako after playing with this baby. Haha)

So today, I’ll be sharing with you my first impression thoughts on using the Smart Selfie device.

Packaging: Smart Selfie camera comes in a sealed white box.

The product comes with the following: 
Smart Selfie deviceBluetooth remote for manual commands for Smart Selfie like turn left or right and shoot Silk silver carrying pouchUSB charging cableOperations Manual

Device is also available in 3 colors (Navi Blue, Maru Pink and Talon White). Got mine in PINK, of course!! 💗

Price: Php2,499

Features: (for photo and video)

- Single Mode (Single face)
- Couple Mode (Couple face)
- Auto Mode (Multiple face)
- Tracking Mode (Single face only-not taking photo)
 Panorama, Panorama 180 and Panorama 360 Video taking

Instruction Manuals below: (just click photo to enlarge)

How To Use:
1. First, you need to install these 2 apps on Google Store (Android Users) or Apple Store (iPhone users) which are FIEDORA and GRASSWONDER.
2. Open the Smart Selfie device by pressing the POWER button at the top part.
3. Open your Wireless Bluetooth Remote by switching ON on the side.
4. Open your Bluetooth device.
5. Start the app FIEDORA.

6. Start pairing the Smart Selfie device and Wireless Bluetooth remote on your phone.
7. Put your smartphone horizontally on the socket of Smart Selfie device.
8. Then enjoy using the Smart Selfie device like I did :)

Here's the first impressions review video on my Youtube channel below: 

What I think about the product: My initial reaction was really “SHUT-UP-AND-TAKE-MY-MONEY” haha (If you’ve already watched my video, you’ll know why). The device moves and follows my face and I really find it fun and amusing. The device itself is selfie game changer now that I can already take a selfie without the hassle of holding my camera. You can actually have an option to use the blue tooth remote for that manual selfie/video or use the auto face detection. The camera features of the Smart Selfie really takes beautiful portrait or panoramic photos which other selfie device can’t do. Also, I won’t even have to worry even when I’m alone if I wanna take a nice selfie. To take a photo, I just have to put my camera on the device and allows it to detect my face. Perfect for selfie addicts (like me), travelers and just EVERYONE who wanna level up their photos and videos. I’m planning to vlog sometime SOON so I actually see myself using this when the time comes. 💗💗💗

Thank you again for my new baby, Stork Marketing! 😘😘😘

For more info about the Smart Selfie device:
Instagram: @storkmarketing

How about you? Have you tried this one? Or any recommendations you like to share? Pls don't hesitate to leave your comments down below. Hope to hear from you. :) Thanks for reading :)

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