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by - 3/01/2017 12:00:00 PM

Having an acne/pimple prone skin is one of the most difficult moments I have in my life. Yes, I’ve been battling huuuuge pimple breakouts since I was in high school. :(

To begin with, I think I have inherited my pimple prone skin on my father’s side. Pimple breakouts first started when I was in high school, peak of hormonal changes. According to my older family members, they keep on telling me that I’ll eventually pass through this stage after I reach the age of 21 (after the changing-hormonal-stage/teenage years). It was then after graduating high school when I reached the climax of my pimple breakouts. I had so much acne/pimple on my face and it really affected my self-esteem. Good thing it was summer as I choose not to go out of our house that much. Glad that I was able to get some treatment with a dermatologist before I started my college.

My skin eventually healed but didn’t continued with all the treatments due to financial reasons. Ever since, I just bought those “maintenance products for acne/pimple skin” for years. The problem is, yes.. I was able to control and prevent the pimple breakouts but after 3-4 years, I had to change the products I use. Why? When my skin becomes resistant to the current products I use, I eventually breakout. And this happens after 3-4 years of continuous use of a certain product then I had to find other products to use again. :(

Already on my late 20’s but I still experience huuuge pimple/acne breakouts especially when it’s the time of the month. And it’s not just small red pimple bumps but I tell you.. It’s really huge with pus and all!!!

Currently, I’m thinking of switching to other products since I noticed that I do get loooots of huge pimple breakouts since last year (2016). I’ve been using this certain brand since 2012 (it was able to do its job well) and I think my skin now becomes resistant to it. Thus, I’m still looking for products to help me prevent pimple breakouts.

Sorry for the long intro since I’ll be talking about my HOLY GRAIL pimple treatment and now that I have tried it, I can’t live without it!!

Last December 2016, I bought some products from Beautymnl (Beautymnl haul here) and glad that I was able to include this Cosrx Acne Pimple Patch on my cart. I already consumed 1 pack (24 patches) in more than a month and it was a total life saver so I bought 2 packs this February.

Product Info: This Acne Pimple Master Patch heals acne, blemishes and prevents future breakouts quickly. It claims to treat acne and pimple, absorbs acne secretion and acts as a barrier to bacteria and dirt.
Key Features:
1. Hydro colloid protects wound from dust and viruses in the air.
2. Emergency and versatile and concentrated care with various sizes - 7mm, 10mm, 12mm
3. Convenient use
4. Low irritation
5. Clear - it is fine to put on makeup when you go out.

Packaging: Comes in a white sachet packaging with a seal. 
There are 24 patches in different sizes included. 
7mm (10 patches), 10mm (5 patches) and 12mm (9 patches).


Price: Prices vary but I got mine for Php180 at Beautymnl site.

How To Use:

1. Cleanse the area around acne, blemishes, pimple and completely dry the area
2. Select a patch of a bigger size of acne, blemishes, pimple and attach the patch to the area.
3. Do not change the patch until the size of the acne, blemishes, pimple gets reduced, so that the patch can absorb the impurities sufficiently.

Review: (click the photo to enlarge)
- I first started using this on a small pimple bump and placed a patch overnight. Amazed on how small my pimple was in just one use. In just 2-3 days, my pimple was gone.
- I recently had 2 huuuge pimple breakouts which popped on a separate dates. The first huge pimple I had was on the 2nd week of January. The pimple was on my left nose and the moment I saw and felt a bump, I immediately put on the patch for 2x a day in 3 days. The bump still grew into a huge pimple after 3 days of using this. I actually popped it (eww but yes!) since I believe that pimple dries faster that way. Haha So after popping, I used this pimple patch for 2-3 more days and noticed that it absorbs all the pus on my pimps. It actually helps to drain the pimple faster than just waiting for it to dry. This pimple breakout healed in 2 weeks. (Usually its 3weeks for me).
- I usually put the patch on the evening before I go to sleep because it works better when left for a longer time. Usually, I sleep for 6-8 hours (sometimes 10-12 hours) and when I wake up, I noticed that the patch somehow gets off the pimple, meaning that the patch is already done absorbing the pus. Usually, I’m so EXCITED to wake up to see a HUGE DIFFERENCE on my pimps when using this.
- I recently had a huge pimple breakout again on the last week of January. That’s also the time that I only had 3 patches left :(. I immediately placed an order at Beautymnl site since I badly need it that time. Purchased 2 packs this time. Back to the pimple, the 3 patches were only good for 2 days of use so the pimple grew bigger again!! I was only able to put on the patch on day 5. But after religiously using the patch for 2-3 more days, the patch absorbed well the pus and dried out the pimple.
- And again, I had another breakout right after this pimple dried out. I popped it and used the pimple patch. The pimple dried as fast as 2 days.

Watch my video review on my Youtube Channel below:
- 101% EFFECTIVE!!!! (Especially when the pimple already popped/there is pus) 
- Absorbs pus and impurities overnight
- Helps to dry pimples faster
- Has 3 different sizes for your pimples
- Easy to use

- Usually available online
- Only contains 24 patches which is a bit pricey for me (I usually use 4-5 patches/2-3 days for just 1 pimple)

Verdict: After trying this for my huge pimple breakouts this past month, I can say that YES, I’M VERY MUCH CONVIENCED that this patch REALLY WORKS WELL!! Actually, it’s 101% EFFECTIVE!!! Yay! So I think, pimple dries faster and the patch absorbs the well the pus. As much as I wanna hoard this product, I find it a bit expensive to do so since I use 4-5 patches in 2-3 days for just 1 pimple. :( Though still, this is my new HG pimple treatment. A bit pricey but would purchase again, for sure :))))))))))

How about you? Have you tried any Cozrx producs so far? Or any recommendations you like to share? Pls don't hesitate to leave your comments down below. Hope to hear from you. :) Thanks for reading :)

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