Get Summer Ready with Belo SunExpert Tinted Sunscreen and SunExpert Face Cover

by - 3/01/2018 12:00:00 PM

It’s almost summer time in the Philippines which means I got to be beach ready. It also means staying longer under the sun and skin being more exposed to the UV rays. Then sunscreen comes to the rescue to protect our skin from the damages of the harmful UV rays. But ever heard a sunscreen that can be also used a foundation substitute?! What I’m talking about is the Belo SunExpert Tinted Suncreen which I recently discovered.

BeloSunExpert Tinted Suncreen provides superior sun protection plus a flawless no make-up-look every day. It has SPF50 PA++++ for broad spectrum protection against harmful UV rays. It also has a cell protect technology that strengthens skin’s defense against premature skin aging and cancer. It also has a Tone Adapt Technology that helps to blend with most of the skin tone and conceals blemishes and fine lines. Very easy to blend even without an applicator.
The packaging looks very summer-y to me and this yellow tube contains 50ml amount of product. For the regular price of Php449.75, I think it’s worth it since I think can you use this for a very long time. Though you can get this tube for FREE only at Sample Room (HERE).
Consistency is in between watery and gel but non-running. I believe it has only 1 shade which is Medium-Deep though I think the shade is more suitable for fair to medium tones. My facial skin is a lighter than the rest of my body so I have no problem using this kind of shade at it helps to even out my facial skin tone to the rest of my body. It also gives a light to medium coverage and conceals some of my blemishes. I still need to conceal some blemishes though.

How to Use: Tap before use. Apply a small amount onto face and blend evenly with your fingertips. Can also be used a primer substitute.

I’ve used this sunscreen for a few weeks now, sometimes under the makeup and sometimes just the product itself. When used alone, I like that this tinted sunscreen gives me light no make-up makeup look and feels light on my skin. Since I have an oily skin, I still use a powder to set the rest of my face. Using this under the makeup is also good for me since it adds coverage to my everyday bb cream/foundation plus it’s a sunscreen which protects my skin.

Would I recommend buying this? Yes, of course! Especially that summer’s coming up in a few months, this tinted sunscreen can be a great addition to your beach essentials and even for every day. It’s also perfect for that light make up look, can be used a foundation substitute, which is great for summer.

Another product that I’ll also be sharing is the Belo SunExpert Face Cover which is a moisturizing sunblock used for the face hat has SPF40 with Cell Protect formula that helps prevent premature skin – aging and strengthens the skin’s defense system against age – accelerating UV rays. It also gives a superior cell protection against the harmful UV rays.
Packaging comes in yellow tube with weight of 50ml and priced for Php329.75.  

It looks like your regular moisturizer which is white in color and consistency is creamy but lightweight.
How to Use: Apply liberally onto face before sun exposure. Re – apply frequently especially after swimming, sweating or sun exposure. Shake well before use.

I’ve also used this a few times already and since I have an oily skin, I noticed that oil starts to build up after 2 hours so I make sure to put just 2-3 small amount onto my face. Though this sunblock is non-sticky and light weight. For daily use, I do recommend this for dry skin. Did I mentioned that this doesn’t leave a white cast unlike other sunscreens? Yay!

By the way, I like that they also have a mini version (travel pack) of the Belo SunExpert FaceCover and Body Shield (10ml) for only Php99.75!
By the way, I got these Belo SunExpert products for FREE and you can also get yours for FREE only at Sample Room Ph. Check the link HERE to know more! Again, thank you Sample Room Ph! 😊


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