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If you knew me personally, you'd surely know that I personally love shopping at Ukay ukay

So why ukay? I love clothes but I'm also a practical shopper since I believe clothes that has been bought for a cheap price can still make you look better. Right? And I don't usually buy clothes especially those overrated ones which you can always see like in tiangges, etc. I usually buy clothes that are distinct and different. And, because ukay finds are cheap. 

I've been shopping at Ukay ukay since 2011 and I've also blogged about some of my ukay finds and tips way back 2011. After that, I regularly shop at ukay whenever I have free time and money (of course!) Haha. Haven't shared my ukay finds since my last ukay blogpost in 2011. But before I share with you my ukay finds since then, lemme share with you first my updated tips on how and where to score great ukay finds based on my 5 years ukay experience. :) 

1. Browse for fashion inspirations. 
I usually do this before I go to ukay so that I'll have in mind what clothes I want to buy. Also, I do this to have an idea on what style I will look for. 

2. Find time. 
I usually do my ukay shop whenever I have FREE TIME since sometimes, ukay shopping take lots of my time. Sometimes, I find it hard to look for nice clothes so I usually look around and it really takes a lot of time. I usually go from store to store just for a nice find. 

3. Eat first and get energized. 
The reason I do this on my free time or during day off days for the reason that I already have lots of sleep and energy during these days. Standing, walking and choosing clothes can be so tiring so I make sure I do have lots of energy for these kinds of days. I remembered going to an ukay after a shift and felt so tired after going to an ukay. 

4. Wear comfy clothes. 
My comfy clothes are sleeveless or tshirt (but I prefer sleeveless top), shorts and slippers. I usually wear these clothes when I go to the nearest ukay shops and have nothing else to go after. I usually wear doll shoes if I still have other plans after ukay shopping or if I go to ukays far from home. 

5. Shopping budget. 
Before I go to ukay shopping, I already set in mind how many clothes I would buy depending on my budget. I usually buy ukay clothes pricing P150 below not unless it's really a great find that I would be willing to spend above Php150. 

6. Where to shop? 
I usually shop the 3 ukay ukays in Bayan, Marikina namely Fleur de Lis (my friend owns this pala! Haha). They have nice clothes and aircon inside. I also shop at the ukay ukay, left side or just after the Marikina Bridge. My other ukay fave shop is Fashion De Lite in Cubao (near Gateway Mall, the one beside National Bookstore). I really love to shop at this place especially when it comes clothes, shoes and bags but since it’s a big place, sometimes I feel so tired when I shop here. But choices are great. 

7. First thing I look for is the PRICE. 
I just noticed that sleeveless are cheapest ones amongst all other clothes so I always choose to search here first. Next ones are the long sleeves then dresses, shorts, skirts which I rarely wear. I do look for jackets or hoodies at times but I really avoid looking for those since I do know I rarely use it here. And also, I have a lot of hoodies I never wear yet at home. Last stop are the shoes or boots. I rarely look for bags not unless it's on sale. 

8. Try everything. 
Based on my experience, even though some clothes may look so good, at times it may not look so good on you when you try it on. So, when I do ukay shopping, I usually get the clothes I like then do try them on afterwards. There are clothes which are nice but doesn't look for me as well as there are some clothes I'm not comfortable wearing. I don't usually buy those clothes I'm not comfortable with despite how good the clothes are. Why buy when I won't use it right? Better try everything then sort out which clothes looks good on you or clothes you are comfortable wearing on the future. 

9. Check the garments for damages, discoloration, etc. 
After sorting out which clothes to buy, I do check the garments for any damages. One time, I saw a nice bag but the handle was broken. There was also one time I saw this nice blouse but the stitches were loose. I bought it anyway since I know I can repair or stitch it up at home. 

10. Don't be shy to haggle. 
I do haggle especially if I buy a lot or if the total has "butal". Nothing too loose if you haggle. 

11. Wash clothes thoroughly. 
I usually soak the clothes in hot water for 30 minutes then soak it in Ariel (best detergent ever! Haha). Then I do the usual washing afterwards. 

Watch my video review on my Youtube Channel below:
Hopefully I did help you, in some ways, regarding ukay shopping. If you have any suggestions on where to shop for ukay clothes or want me to ask me some questions, don't be hesitant to leave a comment. J
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