NEW HAIR Again : New Haircut + New Haircolor

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Hey there! Today I'll be sharing with you my new hair color since I recently dyed my hair AGAIN just a few weeks ago. And also will be sharing my new haircut as I chopped off few inches of my hair last month :) 

I last had a haircut in 2013 since I accidentally ruined my hair that time due to bleaching. Yes, I did bleached the end parts of my hair within 2 days and the result was horrifying! My hair was so thin that it easily breaks thus breaking off some parts of my healthy hair. I was planning go grow my hair long that time but had no choice but to have a haircut. 3-4 inches of my hair off and I swear that I won't be damaging my hair again. But of course, I wasn't able to honestly do that in 3 years haha. 

In 2014, I kept on redyeing my hair 3 months or even 1 month after I dye my hair. No worries since my hair was STILL OKAY that time. 

In 2015, that'a when I realized that something was totally wrong. At the end of 2015, I suddenly noticed that my hair wasn't really getting longer. I compared a photo in early 2015 to my Dec 2015 photo and yes, my hair still has the same/almost same length. But still wasn't planning to chop off my hair. 

Then I met with a friend in Feb 2016 and surprisingly, her hair was already longer than mine! In 3 years of not cutting of my hair, I remembered she had a haircut in 2014 which means my hair was longer that time. But when I met her again last Feb 2016, her hair was already longer than mine. 

I also noticed that my hair wasn't really getting longer now since I have lots, and I mean A LOT of hair falls everyday. I can even make a big hair roll with lots of my hair on the bed floor. Haha I also noticed that I have lots of split ends and most of the times, the end parts of my hair easily break offs especially when I'm combing my wet hair. 
So last May, I decided to have a haircut to keep my hair healthy and for it to easily grow longer. 

Since 2010, I always have my haircut at Tony and Jackey. It's a pricey for a haircut but I like Korean stylist a lot since they don't too much time cutting my hair and the results are all awesome, for me. So I trust them with my hair. The last time I had a haircut was in T&J branch in Cubao so I went there on a Saturday afternoon. But surprisingly, I didn't see any Korean stylist. Hmm. So I went to the counter and ask the receptionist for a haircut. She told me that their haircut is priced for Php200/250 not Php500. Hmm. But since they were fully booked that time, I had to wait. So I waited for about 10mins then decided to just go to their SM Marikina branch since I believe there is no Korean stylist since the price for a haircut was half the price of what I know. (I'm not against Filipino stylist but I prefer Korean ones thats why I go to T&J salons). 

So I had my haircut at T&J SM Marikina. I just presented them a photo of the haircut I want then told him (the Korean stylist) that I wanted a full bangs. Well, I always ask for a full bangs whenever I go to T&J salons. 

At first, I was quite happy with my haircut since he didn't chopped of most of my hair. I still want a long hair and was happy with the length. The bangs was a different story. I honestly though that the bangs were good after I got out of the salon. The next day, after I washed my hair and dried it, that's when I realized there was something wrong. Actually, I honestly don't know what went wrong but my bangs was literally straight and full, on the sides. The bangs was supposed to be full on the front part but mine was full on the sides. As if, he cut lots of my hair on the sides. I know sides should be a bit longer than the middle part, you know what I mean? Just look at this photo: 

It's okay but not okay since now, I'm having a hard time styling my hair just to hide the bangs. I had my bangs cut by T&J before but this ones really weird. :( 

But it's okay since I have to choice but to wait til it grows longer again. And yes, I won't be having a bangs next time I cut my hair again. Haha 

I actually dyed my hair with 2 boxes of Dark Ash Blonde + 1 box of Light Brown last January and the result was awesome! I was able to achieve my dark ash blonde/dark brown hair for the first time! Here's how it looks like. I was so happy with my hair until I notice that the dark ash blonde/dark brown eventually fades. 

Here's a my photo 3 weeks after dyeing my hair. 

Until this photo taken a last month before I cut off my hair: 
My hair was so brassy and the dark ash color ALL faded into brassy brown. And also, recently I noticed that I do have lots of white/grey hair on the top part of my hair. (Spell STRESS haha). 

**This is not a thorough review since I wasn't able to take photo of the hairdye I used nor the process of how I applied this on my hair. 

I've already tried a lot of bubble dyes on the market but Prettia/Liese suits the best for me. But over the years, I found that Hortaleza Hair Dyes are easier to buy and cheaper so I stick with that. There are pros and cons with cream dyes so stay tuned for my mini review below :) 

One thing I liked about Hortaleza Hair Dye (not HBC), they offers wide range of hair colors to choose from. 

Over the years, I've already tried A LOT of there hair dyes so I kinda know what to expect if ever I bought this or that dye. 

For example, I used Medium Beige Brown on a light hair before. Their Medium Beige Brown kinda looks a warm brown as I remembered. My hair never really turned into beige but it just turned into dark copper brassy brown. 
Another example, I used Dark Matt Blonde before as I wanted to achieve a dark ash brown. But it also never turned into dark nor matt as my hair just turned a bit lighter. 
For my last example, I used a Medium Brown on a light hair expecting for a dark brown but end up having a jet black hair that really looks like a wig!! The color from the sample on the store looks like dark brown. I never expect it to be soooo jet black! 

Going dark from a light hair is a little bit tricky, well for me. And you wouldn't be able to achieve the hair color you desire (outcome/expectation on the box) unless you bleach your hair. Believe me. After years of experimenting and observing on different hair dye colors, I finally figured that I really want an ASH BROWN hair not ASH blonde. See the difference? Most of my hair colors for the past few years really fades into brassy orange color after 2-3 months. So that's one of the reason I wanted an ash tone instead. 

And I assure you that ALL HAIR DYES FADE. Yes, they'll eventually fade no matter what. (I haven't used any lasting hair color shampoo to make the hair color stay longer but I believe that eventually it'll fade). 

Just another hair dye story before I continue with how I dyed my hair into darker ash tone.. (sorry haha) One of my friends recently had an dark ash brown to which I really liked. She started with a blonde hair then dyed it with a light brown and it suprisingly, it turned into ash brown! Nice right?! :) 

Since this color combo is the best one for me (Dark Ash Blonde + Light Brown), I decided to buy again at Hortaleza. Since my hair is a bit shorter than before, I bought 1 tube of Dark Ash Blonde & 1 tube of Light Brown. I got the them on a different brand since I really wanted the Bremod brand but no Light Brown was avail at that time. 

For the application, I asked the help of my sister as I find it too difficult to apply on my own. Application was about 45 minutes and waited for another 45mins - 1 hour for the dye to completely set in. And tadaaaa! Here's the outcome: 
Before and After:
WTH! I dunno what happened but my hair turned brassy dark brown with lots of uneven color inside. It's a bit darker inside but when outside, the color is so far from ashy tone. I'm not sure if it was because I used a 2 different brands or my sister wasn't able to apply the dye well or the light brown was more empowering than the ash one. :( Not really happy with the outcome but I have no plans to redye it anytime now. 
Recently, I went to a bubble hairdye event and I think it's the best BHC ever! Have you guess it by now? ... Yes! It's the Liese (formerly Prettia) is now in the Philippines market!! I got 2 boxes of Rose Tea Brown (been wanting to try that color since I really got so curious with that shade when I saw/read reviews about it online last year). I'll dye my hair AGAIN after 3-4 months so watch out for that :) 

**Liese event will up on my blog on the next few days.. :)**

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