FOODTRIP(55): Capriserrie Bakeshop and Cakes

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Food trip with friends can be so exciting and a lot of fun! So I invited 2 of my friends from high school, Jumi and Chad for a food trip in Marikina a few days ago. Today, I’ll be reviewing 3 foodie spot in Marikina which we dined in as well as this will be a 3 part foodie reviews.

First stop. At Caprisserie Bakeshop and Cafe which is located at Gen. Ordonez Avenue, just across Pan de Amerikina. Originally, we planned to eat somewhere first for our main meals but the place was still close when we got there. So instead of going to Capriserrie for desserts after our meals, we decided to dined at Capriserrie first while waiting.

Caprisserie Bakeshop and Cafe serves cakes, cupcakes, pastries, meals and drinks. Place may look small at the outside but it’s really big, decent, nice and cozy inside. It was just a lil crowded when we got there at around 3pm. The waiters instructed us that the menu for cakes and drinks was on the counter.

We ordered at the counter and got back at our seats while waiting. And after 10-15 minutes, we noticed that our order still wasn’t served. So we ask the waiter for a follow up and were given 3 glasses of water for each of us!!! I know there were a lot of people that time but we just ordered drinks and cupcakes (which is already ready on the counter). Why did it take so long before it was served?? Since Chad ordered a drink that comes with an apple, we even joked about the apple was to be picked somewhere. Our orders were all served after 30 minutes and we were disappointed.

Anyway, here’s what we ordered:

Rainbow Cupcake (P55)

Choco Mint Cupcake (P55)
- I think both cupcakes suites my taste despite that it may look a bit dry but it’s not. I like my choco mint cupcake.

Iced Coffee (Php95)
- Since I was really sleepy that time and I’m a coffee addict, I ordered this one. Served in a tall glass with separate coffee, sugar and milk, I mixed it all and it tastes good!

Apple or Peach Soda? (Php95)
-      I actually forgot to ask Chad how this one tasted :(

English Tea Shop Cranberry Vanilla Delight (P55)
- I just took a sip with Jumi’s drink and this surprisingly tastes and smells good! I should have ordered this one!!! Even cheaper than my drinks. Haha 
Does anyone knows where to buy this one???? I want this at home! Haha

Overall, despite the bad reviews I read online, I think when it comes to cupcakes and drinks we ordered, everything was all good except for that 30 minutes waiting time we had. I think they should improve on their service and prioritizing customers. :)


Capriserrie Bakeshop and Cakes
Located at: 42 General Ordonez St. Marikina Heights Marikina City
Opens: 8AM-11PM, M-S
Phone number: 2469069 ext 226

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