REVIEW(S): Thai Soaps (Snail Soap + Tofu Soap + Alpha Arbutin Soap)

by - 4/14/2015 09:58:00 PM

A few months ago, I’ve been following this seller at Instagram who sells nice products from Thailand. And I’ve been reading a lot of positive reviews from their shop as well as their products.
The shop I’m talking about is HappyHaulerPh. They sell different Thai products on Instagram(@happyhaulerph) and Facebook ( Rest assured that this shop is legit so if you wanna try some Thai products please do check them out :)

So a few weeks ago, I decided to visit their physical shop at Pop Culture in Trinoma. Sellers were really nice and knows their products as well. :)

I’m eyeing on their Snail White Cream for the longest time since I really read a lot of positive reviews from it. But finds it a bit expensive so I opted to buy just the soaps as of now. Might need to save a lot for this one. :(

Anyway, here’s what I bought from their store:

(1) SNAIL SOAP (Php65)
Description: Can get rid of facial pimples and scars. It’s a light pink soap that smells like vanilla.
Reason to buy: I decided to buy this one since I really have a red pimple marks (that really looks like a pimple if I not use BB cream/concealer) and a bad breakouts for this past few weeks. And I wanted to really get rid of those marks because at times, I really don’t wanna apply BB cream or makeups just to even out my face. :( 
Result: (2-3weeks of everyday use)
Honestly, I’m not quite sure about the lightening effects it has but the soap leaves my face soft and smooth. Since last year, I’ve been having A LOT of BLACKHEADS which I don’t why but by using this product, my blackheads was lesser then now GONE! Pimple breakouts was also gone! :))) I was really amazed by this product.
How to Use: Use daily, 2x a day

(2) TOFU SOAP (Php65)
Description: Used for pore tightening and whitening. A nice white soap with stronger vanilla scent
Reason to Buy: The reason I bought this one was I want my pores to be tightened and oil to be lessen
 Results: I really love the tightening effect of this one on my pores just after a few washes. It also lessen the oilyness on my face for a few hours than my regular facial wash. It also leaves my face soft, smooth and a little tightened which I really like.
How to Use: Use daily, 2x a day

Description: Double whitening formula and pinkish skin
Reason to buy: I use this only for body whitening
Result: I’m really not sure with the whitening result since I wasn’t able to take a photo before using the product. What I like about this is that it smells really nice (fruity/gummy scent)
How to Use: Use daily, 2x a day

TIPS: I usually cut soaps into smaller pieces to be able to maximize it. With this, you’ll be able to save and use more of the soaps in the future :)

- These soaps can last really long. I mean, I was able to use only ¼ of the soap for 2-3 wees of use. I still have 3/4s to consume for the next few months.
- Nice vanilla and fruity smell
- Prices are okay with me

- Heard from some reviews that the soaps were a bit small for the price but for me it’s okay since can really last long depending on how you use/maximize it (refer to my TIPS and PROS #1) :)
- Honestly, I had a bad skin reaction with the facial soaps but I know IT’S MY FAULT. These soaps are recommended to be used 2x a day but I actually used it 5-6 in day since I was really addicted to it (really made my skin soft, smooth and firmer). On my 6-7th use that day, my face was really red and had rashes all over. Good thing it was gone after taking an anti histamine. So please, please READ HOW TO USE THE PRODUCT AND DON’T EVER OVERUSE it just like I did :)

▶▶OVERALL :  Overall, I’m really SATISFIED with all these soaps and will definitely buy again in the future :)

**UPDATE AS OF 11/04/15 - After 6 months of using the product, minimal improvements were seen such as pores did somehow improved just a little bit, lesser breakouts and blackheads & lastly, it made my skin firmer just a bit. Will I buy again? Not sure. Still thinking if this worth it buy.

**UPDATE AS OF 09/13/16 - Bought another set of these a few months ago, still no improvements on my blemishes but it helps me lessen my breakouts. 
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  1. Does snail soap lightens the complexion???

    1. Hello :) Sorry for the very late reply. Yes, it can lighten the skin.

  2. I haven't tried snail soap natetempt ako gusto ko na mawala yung pimples ko nkakastress tuloy lalo hehe pero wag mawawalanng pag-asa. Tiwala lang hehe

    1. Hi sis :) Sorry sa late reply huhu Go sis! Nawala pimps ko dito noon pero di nako nakabili kasi ang layo samin ng Trinoma haha

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