Get Rosy Skin with Rosy Glow Whitening Soap Review

by - 8/09/2018 12:00:00 PM

Back with another whitening soap review again! A month ago, I got to try the newest Rosy Glow Whitening Soap. Haven't heard of this before but good thing I got to try this since my skin really loved this product! 
Rosy Glow Whitening Soap is an intensive skin whitening soap with ingredients such as Alpha Arbutin, Kojic Acid, AHA, essentials oils and skin-loving plant extracts that deeply penetrates the skin for that brighter, healthier and exceptional glow. It also helps to moisturize, exfoliate and brightens the skin. This is Filipino made and FDA approved. 

*Key Ingredients:
Kojic Acid - helps to prevent skin pigmentation
Alpha Hydroxy Acid - Glycolic and Lactic Acid which is an exfoliating ingredients that fights off skins of aging
Alpha Arbutin - helps lighten the skin

Each soap weighs for 140g and price is Php180

The soap is very mild and moisturizing to the skin. The scent smells like a milk and remind me of the Ivory soap. (If you're familiar with that). 

How to Use:
Lather and massage the skin for 3-5 minutes. Can be used daily. 

- Please take note that I use this product for my body only (since I already have a super white facial skin).
- I started to use thin last  July 2018 and still currently using this as my everyday body soap.
- I use this 2-3x a day. 

Watch the video on my Youtube channel below:  

- Made my skin soft and smooth
- Mild and moisturizing
- Feels like a milk
- Made my skin brighter
- Doesn't dissolve easily (1 bar lasted for 1 1/2 month of use) 

- None
After trying out the soap for more than a month, this soap focused more on making my skin moisturized, smooth and baby-like. The soap is very mild on the skin and it feels like you're having a milk bath. The scent is so addicting and refreshing. It also made my skin brighter after use. I like soaps that doesn't dissolve easily to maximize the use.  TOTALLY RECOMMENDED for that radiant and moisturizing skin! :) 

For more info about Rosy Glow Whitening Soap, you may contact them on the link below:

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