REVIEW(S) : Peripera Water Tint #2 Pink Juice

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I must admit, when I got to the mall and see Peripera’s booth/stand in the department store, I really didn’t bother much to look/try on their products. But a few days ago, I’ve seen a good review on Peripera’s Water Tint/ Peri’s Tint. And I actually read a lot of good reviews on their product(s). Since I’ve been loving tints lately, might as well buy and try this one. 

 I know some SM stores sells Peripera products so before trying to buy this online, I tried to search first at malls since I knew it was sold cheaper in malls rather than online. But it was a big fail since I went to
 SM Cubao and SM Megamall but Peripera’s Water Tint was always out of stock. So instead, I bought this one at an online shop in Instagram (@koreanaph).
@koreanaph sells a lot of korean beauty makeups and such. All are original and from korea. The seller was also very accomodating even though I was only buying one product from her. Very fast and smooth transanction. Was able to recieve my product 2 days after I pay (since she’s Cavite based and in Manila). She even gave me freebies/samples. Been eyeing a lot of her products to buy, but will still read reviews first before buying them. But will definitely buy again on her shop SOON. 

Back to the product, Peripera is a line of korean cosmetics owned by Clio from Korea. One of the endorsers is NaEun from APink (Well, if you’re familiar with her). Peripera Water Tint comes with 5 shades.
I bought #2 Pink Juice since lately, I really wanted a pink tint. Packaging is really cute. I love how it’s packaging was designed by Mari Kim, one of the designer from 2NE1’s music video “Hate You”.

Description: Like juice, this water tint spreads upon lips with vivid colors. With a single touch perfectly dewy colors give an elegant look. Fruit Complex help give vitality to the lips.

Here’s how my lips looks like without any lipstick/lip tint or whatsoever. Just applied lip balm on my lips. So nude:

How I applied it : I put on some lipbalm first then apply the tint then put on lipbalm again to make my lips moist. This tint tends to dry my lips easily. 
I love how it easily glides on my lips and how pigmented it is. You can dab 3-4 times and spread it easily. But since I wanted a full colored lips, I directly spread it with the applicator. 

Nice pink shade :)

- Cute packaging
- Easily glides/spreads
- Well pigmented
- Can be used for gradient lips
- 5 shades to choose from
- Can easily make my lips dry (so make sure to apply some lip balm to make it a little moist) 
- It taste bitter when applied but goes away after
- Usually out of stock in the department stores so you have to buy it online
- Make sure to handle/hold the bottle properly since the bottle can easily be spilled

OVERALL: Peri’s Tint is really nice and good for everyday use. Been using this for about a week now and I can say it’s really nice on my lips (just don’t forget to apply balm to make it moist). Wanna try other colors and other products from Peripera SOON ~ 

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