FOODTRIP(63): The Gourmet Studio

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Was so looking forward to eating at this place since the first time I saw The Gourmet Studio in Olive St. a few months ago.
Search for this foodie’s menu online and all I see were positive reviews. So it really made me want to try this place.

Went here last month but too bad, it was closed. Went there a few days ago and was so happy that it was opened! :))
 **Wasn’t able to bring my camera that time so please excuse my crappy phone camera photos.**

We rode a jeepney labeled SSS and dropped off at Olive St. Though a bit small, place has nice interiors and cozy.

It can accommodate maybe 8-10 persons inside but no worries as there are more tables and chairs outside.

I’m not sure if one of the owners were Scholastican(s) as I saw this tagline in of their decors. 

Btw, the staffs seems young but very attentive and accommodating to our needs. :)

Their affordable menu is located beside the counter:

Here’s what we ordered:
Creamy Carbonara (Php110)
- super loved their creamy carbonara it is really thick, creamy and milky at the same time. I liked the pasta used as it was thick and easy to chew. Servings were just enough for me.

Seafood Marinara (Php139)
- Not a fan of red sauce but I do love this one. It tastes just a little bit sour because of the tomato sauce.

Black Chicken (Php 75)
- These affordable 4 pieces of black chicken wings are oh-so perfect for me! Their dip is the best!

Overall, I did enjoy the meal we had on our stay here at The Gourmet Studio. What I really liked about it is the affordable meals they have as well as their quality decent foods for everyone to enjoy. Definitely a must try and totally recommended! Still looking forward to try their other dishes soon!
The Gourmet Studio
Located at: 10 Olive St. SSS Village Marikina City
Phone num: 09166772954
Opens at: 1PM - 11PM

The Gourmet Studio Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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