FOODTRIP (23): Papa Rock's Big Burgers and Grillery

by - 3/09/2015 09:49:00 PM

Last week, we went at Papa Rock’s Big Burgers and Grillery in Marikina with Joyce after work.

I really want to try their foodies here since I really read a lot of positive reviews from food bloggers. So me and my friend Joyce tried their foods here.

Disclaimer: This is my honest review of the place so please be good to me (*>.<*)

The place was unfamiliar to me so I had to google it to be able to picture how to go to the place. It is actually located at Sparrow Street near Marikina City Hall. Just walk straight ahead Sparrow St and you’ll see Papa Rock’s. It is actually a food joint located at the owner’s house itself. 

I immediately noticed the owner of the place who warmly greeted us (since I have already seen some of his pictures at some blogs). He was also the one who took our orders. He was so approachable and very accommodating to us. He even initiate talking to us and asking where/what our work was (since I was wearing a scrub suit at that time). 

I already had in mind what to order since I already knew the menu/prices already. 

Here’s the menu:

While waiting for our foods, I was able to observe the place. We weren’t able to go inside since the tables/chairs outside were already enough to accommodate 4 customers including us. 

It was a sunny afternoon but was such a windy day so we were comfortable seating outside.

Orders came up fast, just 10-15 minutes I think. 

Here’s what we ordered:

Carbonara (Php60)
I’m such a pasta lovers especially those with creamy/white sauce so I was really expecting a lot from this. Their carbonara isn’t saucy nor creamy for me. Taste was quite okay.

Waffle with syrup (Php40)
Two pieces of waffle topped with butter and syrupon the sides. Looks so good but.. I dunno why it wasn’t even soft like pancakes  I really had a hard time slicing every piece of this and so I end up eating just 1 waffle. I also noticed that the customers who left before us also wasn’t able to finish even half of their waffles. Reviews say it was good but what happened?

Grilled Deli Sausage/Hungarian Sausage (Php60)
I’m not sure about the taste because this was Joyce’s choice. One thing she said that it was better if served hot.

Chocolate/Strawberry Shake (Php40)
Yummy milkshakes but too sweet for both of us.

Over all, foods are okay for me. Prices are really good. Though based on what we ate, you really get what you paid for. Heard a lot of good reviews that their burgers are really tasty so maybe will try that one someday. 

Papa Rock’s Big Burgers and Grillery
Located at: #23 Sparrow St New Marikina Subd Sta. Elena Marikina City
Phone num: +63 9278792924 / 209 6758
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