FOODTRIP(96): One Fifty Food Place

by - 5/08/2016 12:00:00 PM

A few weeks ago, me and some of my friends went at One Fifty Food Place in Maginhawa Street. It's an outdoor place which consists of variety of small food stalls. 
Some food stalls also have a 2nd level while some have their own mini indoor spots. Tables and chairs are placed in the middle, surrounding all the food stalls. No worries in case it rains since there half of the place is covered with roof. 

It was my first time going to this place so I really had a hard time choosing where to order. But here's what we ordered: 

Sticky Pig 

Ribs and Spicy Garlic Buttered Shrimps (Php275) 
- I'm not really a fan of ribs but I was really craving for a heavy meal at that time so I ordered this one. It took us maybe 30 minutes before this dish was served but no worries. At first, I was quite worried since they only gave us plastic utensils for this meal. I was wondering, how would we be able to slice the rib with a plastic knife?? And then.. the plastic knife smoothly cut the ribs without any effort at all! They were just perfectly cooked! Their ribs were very flavorful and suits my taste well. The shrimps were very flavorful and spicy as well. The veggies included were a perfect combination with the ribs and shrimps. Servings were huge given the price. 

Wings Gone Wild 
Buffalo Wings - Soy Garlic (1lb 11-12pcs - Php270) 
- Never experienced eating any buffalo wings as tasty as this one. We (4 of us) ordered these 11-12 pcs of buffalo wings and surprisingly ate about half of this buffalo wings alone!! Their signature buffalo wings has this very distinct taste of sweet and garlic flavored wings which everyone (I think) would really love. Would love to come back for this again :) 

Xurreria Cafe 

Hazelnut Coffee - Frappe (Php130) 
- Wasn't able to taste their famous churros but I did ordered their drinks. The Hazelnut Coffee Frappe was okay, not too sweet for my liking. I like it but I was still looking for that strong coffee flavor. 

The Piggery 

Calamansi (1Liter-Php100) 
- Wow. For 1L of calamansi juice placed in a thick plastic cup for 100 pesos only, just wow! The calamansi juice is perfect as I can really taste a pure calamansi on my drink. One of the recommended drinks when you drop by One Fifty Food place. 

Overall, I had a great time, a happy tummy and a wonderful experience trying this place out. Can't wait to be back since there are still more food stalls I wanna try :) 

One Fifty Food Place 
Located at: 150 Maginhawa St., Teacher's Village Quezon City
Opens at: 4PM-11PM

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