FOODTRIP(89): Kogi Bulgogi

by - 4/01/2016 06:22:00 PM

Anneyeong haseyo! Say hello to another Korean restaurant that I've visited a few days ago. Tired of the usual fast food chains I usually eat when I go to Gateway, we finally tried to look for an affordable but quality restos around. 

Went at Kogi Bulgogi in Gateway Mall since I was badly craving for Korean foods lately. Also, been passing by this place everytime I go to Gateway Mall but didn't really pay much attention since usually there were only few people dining in when I pass by the place. And I also thought that it was too expensive for my taste. (Oo, ako na nagtitipid. Alam nyo na yan. Haha) 

The first thing I ALWAYS look for a restaurant is the price. So what I really like about most of the restaurants in Gateway is that they already placed their menu outside, for the customers to know the foods they serve and the price of course. And surprisingly, I find their menu very affordable. 

So we went inside and find the place very big and spacious. 
I like the simple but modern design all over the place. We actually chose to sat in the sofa table which was very comfortable. 

Ambiance is really good and I like that they actually play Korean songs which I sang to most of the songs played. Haha Even they LCD played lots of Kpop videos which really enjoyed. 

Btw, the menu was handed to us upon seating. Actually, I really had a hard time choosing what dish to eat since they really have wide variety of Korean foods to choose! :) I just wanna eat everything!! Haha 

Here's the menu from their Zomato page:

They gave us Banchan, small dishes of foods served along with rice meals. I actually forgot to take photos of that. :(( 

After around 10 minutes of waiting, dishes were served to us. Here's what we ordered: 

Salmon Bibimbap (Php230) 
"Smoked Salmon with raw egg" 

Sae-U Bibimbap (Php255) 
"Shrimp with raw egg" 

- Bibimbap means mixed rise and these dishes were served to us in a hot stone pot in a wooden stand. I really love the very distinct taste to their Bibimbap. The Salmon and Shrimp Bibimbap were all very tasty and yummy. And I totally loved the sweet but empowering spicy taste of the red tomato paste. I'm really not into spicy meals but that red tomato paste was so addictive!!! It really gave that kick to the Bibimbap. 
- For servings, this is good for 1-2 persons depending on how hungry you are. Haha 

Sundubu - Jjigae (Php180) 
"Thick stew of soft tofu, clams, squid and pork" 
- We were asked to choose the spice level of this dish from 1-10 and we chose 3/10. 
- Missing the stew we first ate in a Korean restaurant in Baguio, we ordered this stew. And I think this is much better that my first Korean stew since this dish was way more flavorful. I like the combination of the clams, squid and pork taste in my stew. And the best part was the tofu!! I really really really LOVEEEED the tofu as it was really soft and just melts on your mouth. This wasn't that spicy since we only chose level 3 so to add a little kick, I actually ate this with the red tomato paste given with our Bimbimbap. And I tell you, that's a super yummy combination! The spicy red paste gave more flavor and kick to this dish. 
- For serving, this is good for 2-3 persons. 

Overall, surprisingly loved this Korean restaurant and will be back here, for sure!! :)) 
Kogi Bulgogi 
Located at: 3rd Floor Gateway Mall, Araneta Center Cubao QC 
Phone number: 2941672; +63 9236481326 
Opens at: 10AM - 9PM, Mon-Sun 

Kogi Bulgogi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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